High Country Books

High Country Books publishes a select range of new and re-released fiction and non-fiction titles and platforms them as part of our literary events program. Head to our FAQ page for more information about how we select manuscripts.

Write Regardless!
by Michael Burge NEW EDITION
Australian journalist and writer Michael Burge shares his transition from jobbing journalist to published novelist and memoir publisher in this guide to plotting, packaging and promoting your book. BUY NOW

Closet His Closet Hers: Collected stories
by Michael Burge NEW EDITION
A collection of ten stories, variations on a theme: hiding from the truth. Captured at the crossroads of their lives, these people face choices between extraordinary heroism and cowardice. BUY NOW

Questionable Deeds: Making a stand for equal love
by Michael Burge NEW EDITION
Australian journalist Michael Burge fought back against familial and institutional homophobia to be recognised as next of kin to his deceased partner, and helped changed a nation in the process. BUY NOW