Frequently Asked Questions

Who runs High Country Books?
High Country Books is an initiative of The Makers Shed, Glen Innes, the creative hub of author and journalist Michael Burge and silversmith Richard Moon.

Can I get my book into your program?
We accept unsolicited submissions from book-touring authors and/or their publishing presses. Indie authors who self-publish their work are sometimes approached by recommendation from within the High Country Books partners (readers of our book club, our participating authors and moderators, and our networks). The local authors and journalists we work with are connections created as a result of their ongoing participation. 

Really? You celebrate self-published books?
Yes, we do, but here’s the bit self-published authors need to read very carefully… High Country Books platforms only the very highest standard of self publishing. We would be extremely unlikely to platform the work of a self-published author unless they have a track record in journalism or another writing field, or their work is of an outstanding quality in the eyes of someone in the publishing/journalism industry.

How do you select your titles?
The majority of books featured in High Country Books are those selected and read by the High Country Book Club, a range of around eight full-length fiction/non-fiction titles annually, published by independent presses and indie authors. We also feature a few titles annually that are published by major publishing houses, whenever the authors are willing and able to attend our festival… it’s all about creating the right mix for our book club, our events, and our bookshop!

When are your events and workshops?
Check what’s coming up on our events page. Our author talks take place on the third Saturday of the month in central Glen Innes.

What kinds of books do you feature or stock?
We run a book club for adult readers, so we enjoy full-length works (or collections of short works). Take a look at our bookshop to get an idea of the type of titles we platform.

What kinds of books do you publish?
Our publishing imprint – High Country Books – publishes a select range of new and re-released titles by authors from our team and partnersif you’d like us to look at your writing, please consider how to get involved in the delivery of our events, you’re very welcome!

How do I join the High Country Book Club?
Head to the High Country Book Club information page!

Does High Country Books give advice on writing or publishing?
We do, via the ocassional High Country Writers Retreat. For writing guidance outside that event, contact your regional or state peak body for writers. In our region, that’s New England Writer’s Centre or Writing NSW.

Wasn’t there some controversy about Byron Writers Festival?
There certainly was, in 2022. Read about it here via ABC News.

If you’d like to get in touch please use the contact form below… although you won’t get a reply if your query is already covered in our FAQ!!!

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